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Prescient Insights; Innovative Strategy; Extraordinary Execution; Tenacious Commitment to Results. At Avid Alexander, David Bieber continues to build and harmonize a remarkable team along with like-minded partners who have the diverse skills and abilities necessary to enable health care professionals and other entrepreneurs to bring their ideas for innovative products and services to market. David has the vision to “see the entire court” and anticipate the implications of a changing landscape. David has the raw intelligence, well-honed skills, and deep sense of purpose necessary to capitalize on the changing landscape and overcome what others might consider insurmountable obstacles.

David is the very definition of “grit” – driven, focused, persistent, and inexhaustible. David is what we all hope to find in a leader of a lean, agile team that will navigate this age of disruption to optimize on the times that are upon us. David leads by example as a “doer” delivering results through well-honed, cross-functional skills. David inspires others, (from student interns to seasoned entrepreneurs to world-renowned experts in their specialized fields) to do the same.

David lives and breathes social media marketing; internet-enabled process simplification; IP protection; as well as the tediously complex and essential tasks of product development, manufacturing and distribution. David is hands-on driving daily results; prolific in generating high-quality social media content that expands his and his partners’ network as well as initiating direct contact and revenue with customers. David draws upon the expertise of others to listen, learn, and put in place optimal solutions to run and grow businesses more efficiently and effectively.

Frank Andryauskas

Former Staples CIO, KB Toys CIO & EVP Supply Chain, Thermofisher Scientific VP Web Merchandising & Analytics, MicroStrategy VP Retail Solutions, KPMG Retail Practice Director

David is one of those rare people I have worked with who I consider to be a “triple threat”: he has the ability to think strategically & craft well-thought-out strategy along with the ability to implement and execute, and he is adept at doing this in an entrepreneurial situation where resources are limited and speed is critical. David is equally talented at all of these and has the balance of EQ and IQ to succeed in leading in a broad range of business environments. David is a tremendous asset to any business he is associated with.

Glen Goldstein

TransUnion SVP, Diversified Markets, Former VP Capital One & Senior Manager Bain & Company

I have the pleasure of working closely with David on a startup for an Orthopedic Arm Sling we call The NextSling. David is extremely thorough in his approach to our business. He manages the day to day transactions as well as building the business network from production to sales. He is enthusiastic, meticulous and extremely knowledgeable. In addition, if he finds himself in unknown territory he embraces the challenge and quickly learns. I recommend David without reservations. He is an asset to any organization.

Dr. Eduardo Salcedo

EDX2 Co-Founder

I had the pleasure of working closely with David during his tenure within the marketing department at MicroStrategy, Inc. David puts his heart and soul into any project he is involved with and is one of the most conscientious workers I have ever come across. His ability to think outside of the box to resolve challenging problems and his dedication to change the status quo when warranted continues to impress me. I would confidently recommend David to any organization, knowing that he would labor relentlessly to make them successful.

Eileen Kolev

MicroStrategy Product Marketing Manager, Former Buyer and Manager of Allocations and Replenishment for DICK’S Sporting Goods

Avid Alexander has been a huge resource in contributing to the success of the IKOS brand and business. The knowledge base at Avid Alexander is easy to access and vast! The team has helped me understand opportunities that I’ve overlooked and created simple steps to address those opportunities with short and long-term goals. Avid Alexander is the one stop shop for fostering an idea and turning that idea into reality! David and his team listen and then execute on your best behalf.

Mike Wong

IKOS Co-Founder & CEO

301.704.0601 [email protected]