Avid Alexander is a rehabilitation health business incubator that turns ideas into reality through execution. We provide strategy, advising, funding, consulting, business development, incubation, ideation, innovation, and acceleration services in the fields of healthcare, retail, and education. Avid Alexander has an incredible team of entrepreneurs and problem-solvers with a passion for solving difficult problems that require an agile, attentive to detail, driven, and goal-oriented strategy. With every challenge and endeavor that Avid Alexander takes on, we do so with an intensity, drive, and attentiveness to detail that makes even the simplest task complex and exciting.

At Avid Alexander, you will receive strategies that optimize efficiency, execution that is second to none, incubation that delivers results, and innovation like you’ve never seen before! We unlock your potential to make sure that you are spending time efficiently and effectively to maximize and grow your business.

Meet The Team

Prescient Insights; Innovative Strategy; Extraordinary Execution; Tenacious Commitment to Results. At Avid Alexander, David Bieber continues to build and harmonize a remarkable team along with like-minded partners who have the diverse skills and abilities necessary to enable health care professionals and other entrepreneurs to bring their ideas for innovative products and services to market. David has the vision to “see the entire court” and anticipate the implications of a changing landscape. David has the raw intelligence, well-honed skills, and deep sense of purpose necessary to capitalize on the changing landscape and overcome what others might consider insurmountable obstacles.

David is the very definition of “grit” – driven, focused, persistent, and inexhaustible. David is what we all hope to find in a leader of a lean, agile team that will navigate this age of disruption to optimize on the times that are upon us. David leads by example as a “doer” delivering results through well-honed, cross-functional skills. David inspires others, (from student interns to seasoned entrepreneurs to world-renowned experts in their specialized fields) to do the same.

David lives and breathes social media marketing; internet enabled process simplification; IP protection; as well as the tediously complex and essential tasks of product development, manufacturing and distribution. David is hands-on driving daily results; prolific in generating high quality social media content that expands his and his partners’ network as well as initiating direct contact and revenue with customers. David draws upon the expertise of others to listen, learn, and put in place optimal solutions to run and grow businesses more efficiently and effectively.Frank Andryauskas, Former Staples CIO, KB Toys CIO & EVP Supply Chain, Thermofisher Scientific VP Web Merchandising & Analytics, MicroStrategy VP Retail Solutions, KPMG Retail Practice Director


The NextSling® is the all-in-one backpack shoulder sling designed by medical experts to immobilize the shoulder, eliminate the strain on the neck, and distribute the weight of an injured limb for improved patient recovery, rehabilitation, comfort, and ease of use. Due to the innovative design of the NextSling, particularly the ability to immobilize the shoulder and eliminate the strain on the neck, patients can perform exercises earlier in the rehabilitation process than with other slings, while still taking the necessary precautions, thus getting back to the things they love quicker! How easy is the NextSling to use; simply slip it over your head, adjust, and start recovering.

“The NextSling has changed the way I think about rehab and recovery. I was in constant pain with my initial sling because no matter what I did, I could not keep my shoulder still and had constant neck strain. Two days after surgery, I switched to the NextSling and my pain was immediately relieved and I was able to sleep better. The NextSling ensured my shoulder was still, eliminated the strain on my neck, and made me all around more comfortable. I whole heartedly believe that I owe much of my initial rehab success to the NextSling.
With everything that goes into shoulder surgery, I can’t believe how much impact and improvement a shoulder sling can make. Thank you so much NextSling for creating a product that improves patients’ lives and for providing unmatched customer service.”
~ Debra B., Patient

Docola, a digital health start-up, developed and fused a care communication engine with the first and largest content marketplace to help healthcare providers, hospitals, insurance carriers and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) engage and support patients throughout the care continuum.

Docola makes it easy to aggregate and prescribe information to patients, improve care efficiency, increase patient satisfaction, and decrease operating costs. Docola believes that healthcare providers and patients deserve to communicate with the same efficiency and ease that we all experience from applications and web services in our personal lives.

A Digital “Human” Touch. Extend your clinical presence by supporting patients between appointments.

Stop Repeating, Start Treating. Prepare patients for appointments making each encounter precise and personal.

A New Healthcare Generation. Streamlined, simple and enjoyable patient communication.

VibraCool® instantly relieves pain by activating the body’s natural nerve-blocking response. This physiological reaction is called Gate Control. Vibration increases blood flow which stimulates healing. By reducing pain and decreasing healing times, VibraCool® gets you back in the game faster. While ice decreases pain and inflammation, it can also decrease blood flow and stiffen muscles. Adding massage improves blood flow, enhancing the removal of lactic acid, cytokines and injured tissue, while vibrational massage reduces pain and loosens stiff muscles. The gate control theory is the basis for the design of VibraCool®.

“My daughter in law, an RN who works in a clinic in a ski town, had an MRI of her knee that documented an MCL strain and mild meniscus tear. She is still using the device (3 weeks now) and reports that it is fantastic for pain relief. She relates the same findings that I had noted: convenience, works in a shorter time than ice alone, and there is something about the vibration that adds to pain relief. I can feel comfortable reporting that you have a great idea and I can highly recommend it.”
~ Dr. David Hannaford, DPM

Buzzy® is a breakthrough pain blocker that provides natural pain relief in seconds. Since the official product launch in 2009, Buzzy® has been used by over a quarter million patients. Buzzy is in over 5,000 hospitals and clinics, with 100,000 units sold, and 31 million needle procedures performed. Buzzy® was invented by Amy Baxter M.D., emergency pediatrician and pain researcher. Dr. Baxter combined vibration and ice into a novel device that physiologically overwhelms the body’s pain nerves. Buzzy® is highly effective for shots and so much more! Buzzy® helps with cosmetic injections, IVs, burning from medications, and even muscle soreness. Healthcare professionals use it for diabetes, dentistry, travel immunizations, fertility shots, finger testing, splinter removal, flu injections and more!

“Buzzy® has been super helpful with my kids (I have 7)! From shots to blood draws, he is always there to distract and soothe. I am a Clinical Nurse Specialist for Women and Children and brought a Buzzy® for our unit. I would love to get Buzzy® into the offices of our pediatricians! Having one there would certainly build the case for having more! One of the best inventions for kids EVER!”
~ Julie K.

The idea behind the Father Time brand came from a fundamental belief that two areas in life could use some help: food and families. We believe that the food we consume needs to be more pure and real, resembling meals from a home kitchen rather than an industrial factory, and made using organic, premium, whole, and non-GMO ingredients. We also believe that our hectic family lives can be more simple and real, focused on the biggest priorities of life and authentic family relationships rather than the constant, fleeting distractions that prevent us from being the people we were destined to become. So we started Father Time Bread, which exists to make good things happen for families through food and fun.

“Best bread I’ve ever tasted. I still remember the first time I had this bread. I looked at my wife and we both said “this is the best bread I’ve ever tasted. It still is…it’s seriously unreal how amazing it is.”
~ Doug

AXIO Centripetal Training is a functional stability trainer that integratively improves strength, conditioning, balance, rhythm and coordination. AXIO simultaneously increases strength and dynamic stability, enhancing proprioception and our ability to modulate force. This leads to better functional stability, athletic performance and decreased risk of injury. Developed for rehabilitation and enhanced for athletic training and fitness, the system’s smart, rugged design combines the gravitational resistance of a free weight with an internal rotational resistance. TSimply change AXIO grip, orientation, body position and movements to target different areas and vary the level of difficulty. You feel it working immediately and it is great for individual and group training. .

“I’m a walking testimony. This works! I love using AXIO to progress an exercise. I’ve had a problem with shoulder stability when lifting heavier weights for years. Since I started using the AXIO I’ve seen huge improvement.”
~ Devon N., Personal Trainer

Most fitness products start with an idea, and the inventor searches for applications to use the product. What sets the TherRex™ Balance Board apart, is that we recognized problems with current balance boards and developed the TherRex™ Board: a superior product that addresses the very problems we observed. Each feature of the TherRex™ Balance Board was meticulously created through the application of a doctoral-level education in Physical Therapy and research from peer-reviewed articles. In addition to this, the product went through multiple, rigorous phases of prototyping before it was allowed to be put into your hands and under your feet. The team behind the TherRex™ Balance Board, TherRex™ Innovations, is a veteran-owned business.

“This is like a BOSU ball, but better and safer. I like the handle features and edges under the board to protect fingers. It’s a great tool for functional strength and balance exercises.”
~ Jessica S. PT, MPT

The SlingSlip® is the innovative storage and fashion accessory that transforms your shoulder sling into a stylish and convenient interior storage option for your phone, keys, and other items. It is wearable with a wide variety of shoulder slings and can replace a purse or carrying bag. It can be customized with different styles and customer logos.

“I had two shoulder replacement surgeries, one on each shoulder, by Dr. E. Bieber. After the first (November 18, 2016) I was issued a standard sling. Just prior to the second surgery, (July 14, 2017), I was delighted to be fitted for my NextSling. Very cool! As a former backpacker, I instantly was drawn to the aesthetic of the clips that “click” into place and that secured my arm and stabilized my shoulder. I found it to be comfortable and felt that my shoulder was snugly in place, a feeling that made me feel safe and confident.
The NextSling is complimented by the SlingSlip, which has two added features: 1) it temporarily can replace your purse! I carried my travel wallet and keys in the SlingSlip, and 2) it provides a colorful stylish slip that adorns the sling!”
~ Carol M., Patient

Created by a physician, DuoTherm™ is a drug-free wearable for back pain relief. Multiple options let YOU choose power over pain.

• Reusable clay packs for cold or heat.
• Contoured low back support with thermal conduction.
• High-frequency vibration for injury, low-frequency for strain.
• Three 20-minute therapy cycles.
• Snap-in acupressure nubs for concentrated therapy.

DuoTherm combines 6 scientifically proven pain relievers. Take the doubt out of conquering pain – when you feel better, you KNOW.

BraceUnder is a custom compression garment system that can be fully customized for your needs, previous injuries, and your lifestyle. The system is made of a baselayer compression tight and reusable orthopedic tension tape. The tape can be added when you need it, where you need it, and how you need it for a truly custom experience. BraceUnder specializes in recovery, training, and performance enhancement compression tights for anyone with a previous injury. They help you, get back to you. With BraceUnder’s fully customizable, modular design you can ensure that you have exactly the right kind of support, right where you need it and when you need it most, to change your recovery game.

“BraceUnder could help liberate those who have severely altered their lifestyles due to ailments, and significantly help people return to previous recreational activities or other activities of daily living. I think there’s incredible promise in the soft-tissue changes that this product encourages in the wearer. I experienced it firsthand!”
~ Ben Miers, DPT

“BraceUnder is the best compression garment I have ever worn. It allows me to compete at the highest level and provides me with not only the tools to compete but it expedites recovery.”
~ Ethan Castle, Professional Golfer

“I have found BraceUnder to be very helpful with my arthritis pain and keeping my legs warm and loose. I think there is a lot of promise for this product on the baseball field and beyond.”
~ Brian Fisher, retired MLB Player (NY Yankees)

IKOS is your ball to build and play and is a new licensing partner with PBS KIDS. It is a totally different take on building, creativity, and rehabilitation, with interlocking Spherical Shapes that excite creativity and brain development. Made of recycled materials, IKOS encourages problem solving, spatial relation skills, hand movements, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) learning. IKOS is a great therapy tool that uniquely builds fine motor coordination and strength, in-hand manipulation, and visual motor integration and manipulation.



Ideation: Utilize our unique formula, process, and mentality to develop ideas, projects, and products that will excite and benefit by turning interests and passions into reality.

Execute Social Media Campaigns & Strategies: Identify and connect with your target audience, create engaging and educational content, grow your audience, identify collaboration and partnership opportunities, and motivate influencers to be brand ambassadors.

Market Research: Identify and analyze opportunities to disrupt, differentiate, build momentum, and operate efficiently and effectively.

Copy Writing and Content: Create content that will effectively engage and motivate your team, prospects, customers, and partners.

Streamline Company Processes: Optimize and enhance operations, logistics, and administrative tasks. Revamp overall strategy, while simultaneously enhancing digital footprint.

Product Development: Create products with attention to detail like you’ve never seen before utilizing our methodology and team of experts.

Pilot Programs: Execute pilot programs that make sure you have all the details and steps in place to effectively launch to the market.

Distribution & Manufacturing: Connect with the optimal distribution and manufacturing partners, while simultaneously putting in place a process to optimize and manage distribution and manufacturing.