Entrepreneur Services


Avid Alexander is an incubation acceleration funding think tank that turns ideas into reality through execution. We provide strategy, advising, due-diligence, market research, funding, marketing, technology implementations, social media, IP, manufacturing, distribution, sales, evaluations, studies, business development, ideation, and acceleration services. Avid Alexander has an incredible team of entrepreneurs, advisors, inventors, and problem-solvers with a passion for solving difficult problems that require an agile, attentive to detail, driven, and goal-oriented strategy. With every challenge and endeavor that Avid Alexander takes on, we do so with intensity, drive, and attentiveness to detail that makes even the simplest task complex and exciting.

At Avid Alexander, you will receive strategies that optimize efficiency, execution that is second to none, incubation that delivers results, and innovation like you’ve never seen before! We unlock your potential to make sure that you are spending time efficiently and effectively to maximize and grow your business.



Avid Alexander has a team of young entrepreneurs, inventors, advisors, and experienced entrepreneurs who will make sure your project is completed above expectations and below costs. Due to our unique company culture, mentality, team members, processes, and resources, we have very motivated and driven individuals who love to learn and go above and beyond, and this shows in every project that we engage in.


Avid Alexander has a team of young entrepreneur technology implementers, advisors, inventors, and experienced entrepreneurs who will make sure to implement your project above expectations and below costs. We train our team members incredibly well, are experts at product and program management, work efficiently and effectively, and collaborate with student apprentices and inspired talent.


Avid Alexander believes that with the optimal team, funding, product, technology, and service, a business can have great success. For this reason, we provide funding and angel investing to make sure that if all the other pieces are in place, funding does not become a limiting factor. We work with you to make sure the best company structure is in place so we can all collaborate and execute optimally.



Utilize our unique formula, process, and mentality to develop ideas, projects, and products that will excite and benefit by turning interests and passions into reality.

Execute Social Media Campaigns & Strategies

Identify and connect with your target audience, create engaging and educational content, grow your audience, identify collaboration and partnership opportunities, and motivate influencers to be brand ambassadors.

Market Research

Identify and analyze opportunities to disrupt, differentiate, build momentum, and operate efficiently and effectively.

Copy Writing and Content

Create content that will effectively engage and motivate your team, prospects, customers, and partners.

Streamline Company Processes

Optimize and enhance operations, logistics, and administrative tasks. Revamp overall strategy, while simultaneously enhancing digital footprint.

Product Development

Create products with attention to detail like you’ve never seen before utilizing our methodology and team of experts.

Pilot Programs

Execute pilot programs that make sure you have all the details and steps in place to effectively launch to the market.

Distribution & Manufacturing

Connect with the optimal distribution and manufacturing partners, while simultaneously putting in place a process to optimize and manage distribution and manufacturing.
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