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Young entrepreneurs offer inspiration, drive, a fresh perspective to marketing, and an innate understanding of emerging technologies. With the help of experienced mentors, young entrepreneurs can pursue their dreams at a much younger age than traditionally expected, achieve college admissions success, and learn the skills and technologies of the future.

Internship – Be an Entrepreneur

Avid Alexander provides high school and college students with the opportunity to gain hands-on work experience and develop marketable skills for the future by working with our team of mentors. Avid Alexander provides a curriculum and learning experience for students that includes learning new skills and technologies, working on client projects, building and growing businesses, creating marketing strategies and tactics, attending meetings and events, and all around learning what it takes to become an entrepreneur so when you have that right idea, you are ready. Students will meet with our team of entrepreneurs throughout the internship to make sure they get a wide exposure and broad experience.

Working under David Bieber and Avid Alexander has taught me much more about business in the last few months than I have ever learned in my life. The first-hand experience that I’ve had the opportunity to receive is incredible and he has really shown me that I can achieve any of my entrepreneurial dreams with proper motivation and great mentorship. I’ve been more passionate about this project and confident about achieving my dreams than ever before in my life and I owe this newfound confidence to David Bieber.Azym Senior, High School Student

Internship – Create Your Project

Avid Alexander works together with high school and college students to bring out their interests and ideas and transform them into an actionable reality. We believe that everyone has great ideas that are just waiting to be discovered and we use a unique formula, process, and mentality to help develop projects and products that will excite and benefit. We believe that how you live and spend your time is instrumental to having a fulfilling successful life and want to help the younger generation develop their passions and prepare for college admissions, job success, and life happiness. With the help of experienced mentors, young entrepreneurs can pursue their dreams at a much younger age than traditionally expected.

Working with David and Avid Alexander was really beneficial for me because it allowed me to see the potential within my project. When David and I met to discuss my project, he was very fascinated, which allowed me to have confidence in my project and really push myself to try and make it great. The internship helped me realize anything is possible when you are working with a good mentor and when you stay motivated.Heidy Onofre, High School Student

Featured Entrepreneur: Shaun Roberts

Shaun Roberts is the Manager of Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Avid Alexander. During her time with us she has learned to develop websites, learned search engine optimization, provided us with strategic advice, and been a great help to the company. Her primary roles with Avid Alexander are to manage websites, perform search engine optimization, and product manage the SlingSlip.

Shaun Roberts is a Senior at Park City High School. She is the President of the Future Business Leaders of America, a National Honor Society Representative, President of the National Charity League, a swim instructor and lifeguard, a Swaner Nature Preserve Volunteer, and President of the Park City Conservation Council. She is a problem solver, driven, detail-oriented, and a big picture thinker.

How It works

Over a four month period, we will have 12 sessions with each student. During this time period the student will complete the Be An Entrepreneur Internship and will have at least five deliverables that will greatly aid in both college and work success.

Featured Project: ReSecure

ReSecure is a mechanism to securely capture images and record videos of the world around us allowing us to stay safe, present, and engaged, while making sure people are not wrongfully accused, capturing exciting moments, and securing our devices. This could entail attaching a recording device to anywhere that is a good location to image capture or video record (i.e. shirt, pants, bag, wall, etc.). The attachments could be done by utilizing hook and loop Velcro® components.

Heidy Onofre is a senior at Park City High School. Through the Avid Alexander Create Your Project Internship, Heidy saw a need to protect people from being wrongfully accused and within five sessions of working with Avid Alexander, turned her idea into reality and created her first prototype of ReSecure in t-shirt form.

How It works

Over a four month period, we will have 12 sessions with each student. During this time period the student will complete the Create Your Project Internship and will have a project that will greatly aid in both college and work success.


Working in the Be An Entrepreneur Program has been an amazing experience. David is a great man to work with and has offered me the training and confidence I need to work in the business world. He has turned myself and other students into versatile business people capable of taking on the many obstacles of marketing, website coding, and many other fields of interest.Stephen Torgerson, High School Student
As a Duke University Alumni Admissions Advisory Committee Interviewer for the past 10 years, what is most intriguing and engaging to me about students is what they do outside of school and how passionate they are about those activities and projects. The more passion and entrepreneurial activities students are involved in, the more confident and engaging they are during our interview sessions and the more likely they are to get into the college of their choice and receive the job of their dreams.David Bieber, Avid Alexander Founder & CEO, PandoLabs Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Working as an intern for David and the Avid Alexander team has been a fantastic experience. It has been the perfect balance between learning new skills (website design) and enhancing/practicing old skills (marketing). It is a great opportunity to gain real world experience while maintaining the safety net of a teacher!Shaun Roberts, High School Student
IKOS was an integral part of my career exploration and application process. I entered PCCAPS not knowing what I wanted to do with my future. After meeting Mike and the team and helping start IKOS, I got to experience a wide variety of career opportunities. I worked on the initial engineering of the product, the business and financial aspects of funding the product, and the marketing to sell the product. This was an invaluable experience that could only be found in start up like IKOS and has truly helped me direct my attention towards a career I love. Mina Berglund, Pomona College
IKOS has done unspeakable things for not only my life, but my collegiate and career ambitions as well. I wanted to pursue a degree in engineering but found myself in a business program with an entrepreneurial scholarship as a freshmen because of my experience with IKOS. Given the endless hard work and support from Mike, I am now pursuing a degree in computer science and plan on using that to feed my entrepreneurial passion. I have gained an infinite amount of personal values and goals from this experience, and I would not be where I am today without this awesome kids toy and the knowledge and relationships I’ve gained from it.Gates Lamb, University of Utah
IKOS began in a program called Park City CAPS, a hands-on engineering program that allows students to explore the real world during high school hours. Under my guidance, three high school students, Mina Berglund, Paige DaBell, and Gates Lamb were challenged to create something new, creative, and manufactured out of recycled material. Using 3D printing, the team spent months crafting a shape designed to enhance creativity and spread spherical knowledge based off works by Peter Roberts.Mike Wong, Avid Alexander Director of Innovation & Design, IKO CEO

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